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Why train the Walkers way?

At Walkers your training begins the day you walk through our doors. No matter who you are we're always happy to give all the information you need on all aspects of the training process in person or over the phone. Read more...


ADI's (approved driving instructors) have a wealth of knowledge and at walkers we've got loads of them. So fill out the contact form below with your question and we will get one of our approved driving instructors to reply with no obligation. Read more...

Automatic Lessons

At Walkers School of Motoring we specialise in automatic tuition and we dedicate a large percentage of our fleet to automatic vehicles. Learning to drive an auto is easy and fun.

Over recent years automatic driving licenses have grown in popularity and at Walkers we are trying to meet the demand. If you’ve been struggling with manual or you need to learn “quick” then go auto! You could be out and about before you know it.

Automatic transmission vehicles are a great alternative for people who have limited use of their legs or arms and are suitable for people with an array of disabilities or learning difficulties. We also encourage older learners who feel they left things a bit late to consider automatic driving lessons.

Driving an automatic vehicle can be considerably less challenging to learn since a lot of the gear changing is done by a computer and a special transmission which does all the work for you! Driving an automatic vehicle is so simple you won’t believe how quickly you progress.

Bear in mind that automatic driving is not as flexible as manual driving. You won’t be allowed to drive a manual, which may be a disadvantage if you need to borrow a friends’, car, or drive high performance vehicle ...so if you planning to buy a Ferrari stick to manual!

Even though controlling the car is easier you will still need to learn the rules of the road and how to behave with other drivers. The test is of a very high standard and this is not to be under estimated!

At walkers we are expert in Automatic tuition and we cover most of London south of the river. Automatic lessons cost the same as manual lessons and are conducted by fully qualified ADIs.

If you are still unsure whether or not auto is the choice for you call one of the girls at Walkers and they will be happy to advise you on what the best option is for you!

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How to choose a driving instructor

How to choose a driving instructor is a dilemma most of us will encounter at some stage in our adult life, wether we need to learn to drive or our children reach that dreaded legal driving age of 17. Read more...

Crash courses

Crash courses can be anywhere between 10 and 40 lessons and are done intensively over 3-10 days. The courses conclude with a test at the end, and even if you should be unlucky and fail your test Walkers School of motoring will pay for your next test fee in most cases. Read more...

Intensive Driving Courses

An intensive driving course could be the best and quickest way for you to learn to drive. The intensive course allows you to have a lot of lessons very close together which in some cases can be better than having lessons once or twice a week. The advantages of this are that the lessons are close together so you may be able to pick it up quicker. Read more...